Which is the Best Cryptocurrency

Which is the Best Cryptocurrency In today’s time, the trend of Cryptocurrency has spread very fast all over the world, it is attracting the attention of thousands of investors, but the biggest problem arises for the investors that they have to choose any one for the use of cryptocurrency . It is difficult to choose, sometimes it happens that unknown cryptocurrencies enter the market and disappear by duping investors, due to which there remains a fear among investors, to solve all these problems, a rating list is taken out in cryptocurrency. In which they are rated according to popularity, today through this article, who is the Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency (Top Ten Best Cryptocurrency) and their information about how to invest in them will be shared with you.

What is Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that is invisible, it is used digitally, just as money is used to buy shares in the stock market, similarly there are many types of currencies in cryptocurrencies which we use. Buying shares online and selling them works. If we talk about cryptocurrency, then Bitcoin is considered to be the first decentralized Cryptocurrency, which was started in 2009 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It is believed that if we talk about its future, then in the coming time it will be used very fast for the investors, in the present time it is benefiting the investors.

Best Cryptocurrency

List of Top 10 Best CryptoCurrency

According to my today’s time, the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies to be talked about, in which investors are believed to have full confidence, is given below.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • Dogecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Cardano
  • Tether
  • polka dots
  • USD Coin
  • Solana

How to Buy Bitcoin


Bitcoin is considered to be the world’s most famous and first Cryptocurrency . It was invented by Satoshi nakamoto in 2009. It works on a type of block chain in which thousands of computers are connected through a network. In this, it is known as the most successful digital currency , it has become the first choice of investors, in this there is no work of broker or agent, it works to invest and benefit direct investors.


After Bitcoin , if any Cryptocurrency is considered succes then it is Ethereum, its value is known as token Ether or ETH. Ethereum blockchain is most commonly used to sell NFTs digitally. It competes with bitcoin in its cryptocurrency race, if its main purpose is to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Is engaged in doing or has always been working to benefit the investors.

What is Ethereum


XRP has been created by Ripple Digital technology company, it works as a type of network to exchange different types of currency . But when it comes to its market value in August 2021 last year, it was considered to be around $ 52 billion, which was not seen so much in any cryptocurrency so far.


If we talk about Dogecoin CryptoCurrency , then at present, it is considered to be a cryptocurrency with a value of more than $ 40 billion, so far the fastest investors have invested on it, talking about the market value of Dogecoin at the end of 2017. It was about $ 0.0002 which was very low but in today’s time it has reached about $ 0.31. According to this, it has made the fastest increase of about 154900 percent in 5 years.

best crypto currency

5.Binance Coin

Talking about the market value of Binance Coin , it holds a market volume of more than $ 70 million, it is considered to be the third most popular cryptocurrency in the world, it is generally used directly in Trading, Payment transfer etc. It also has the function of exchanging for Ethereum or Bitcoin, if we talk about India, then it can be easily used through Cryptocurrency Platform Zebpay.


हाल ही में Cardano Cryptocurrency ने मार्केट में कदम रखा और आते ही या विश्व में सबसे ज्यादा चर्चित क्रिप्टोकरंसी के रूप में जाने जाने लगी यह अन्य क्रिप्टोकरेंसी की तुलना में कम लागत पर Transaction को valid करने का कार्य करती है जोकि अभी तक किसी अन्य क्रिप्टोकरंसी ने ऐसा नहीं किया। अगस्त 2021 के अंत में देखा जाए तो इसने लगभग 70 बिलियन डॉलर की मार्केट वैल्यू बनाई है जो कि किसी नई करेंसी के लिए काफी ज्यादा चर्चा का विषय है।


Tether एक प्रकार की Stable Coin के रूप को कहा जाता है एक अमेरिकी कंपनी के द्वारा निर्मित है और फिएट currency द्वारा समर्थित मानी जाती है यदि इसकी  बात की जाए तो यह अन्य क्रिप्टो करेंसी की तुलना में अधिक स्थिर और भरोसेमंद मानी जाती है M कैप वाले Tether की मार्केट वैल्यू इस समय लगभग 64 बिलीयन डॉलर आंकी गई है जोकि निरंतर बढ़ती ही जा रही है।


This new cryptocurrency was launched in 2020, at that time its market value was about $ 3 billion, but if we talk about the present, whose market value has increased to about $ 26 billion i.e. it has seen an increase of 774%. The specialty of this cryptocurrency is that it easily connects different Blockchain through its network and works by mixing them on a single level.

Best Cryptocurrency

9.USD Coin

Talking about USD COIN , it is operated by Ethereum and it is known as a type of Stable Coin, talking about its market value, it is considered to be a business of about 23 billion dollars and it is continuously increasing. It is being seen that it is used for easy transactions anywhere in the world, due to which there is no inconvenience of any kind.


Solana is counted at the last position in the Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies , its market value is estimated to be around $ 20 billion, recently it has made a lot of headlines for its unique hybrid proof of state mechanism