What is Network Marketing ? What Is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing? What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing or Direct Selling? What is Network Marketing or Direct Selling? Network marketing business, which started in countries like Europe America from the year 1940, is making beds all over the world today. Through this business, thousands of crorepatis and lakhs of people have become lakhpatis in the last four decades. It has been only a few years since this business started in India, but an unusual growth has been seen in these few years only. Very fast this business has made people Aamir.

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What is Network Marketing? What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing or Direct Selling

It is not a new business, it is just a new way of doing business. Those who do not understand it, they keep criticizing this less like other works, but those who intelligently take complete information about this business, study it, and do it by learning, they do it in any other business. earn more money than

Today the awareness of this business is increasing in our country. People associated with this industry, today the Government of India has also prepared a guideline, understanding the immense potential of this industry, to make it run regularly and smoothly. Which is being run under the supervision of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, and thereby securing the interest of the consumers, the government has prepared a successful system today.

Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing

This is the marketing system we’ve been seeing for years. More than 90 percent of the products that reach us are reaching through this medium. You are seeing that any product that reaches us at a fixed price, it costs the company 30 percent to make it. After this there is a profit of 5 percent C&F which takes the products from the company to the distributor.

About 5 percent is taken by the distributor and the products reach the dealer. The dealer keeps his profit and gives it to the retailer and the retailer sells the goods to the customer with 15-20 percent profit. Apart from the profits of all these people, Transport Expenses and a huge part 35-40 percent is spent in advertising and is distributed among those who are promoting the products, but do not use them themselves.

According to a news in the media world, Sachin Tendulkar took several crores of rupees to work in the advertisement of Pepsi, but till date he has not been seen drinking Pepsi in the cricket field. Always he would drink only foreign juice or foreign drinking water. But out of every Pepsi that a customer buys, a large portion goes to advertising expenses.

You must have seen that big movie stars advertise for many types of products, for which companies pay full amount. Ultimately this burden falls on the customer. We call this system the complete marketing system.

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What is Network Marketing? What is Network Marketing?

Direct Selling Direct Trading

When a survey was done many years ago, it was found that 97 percent of the people in the world do not take any products by looking at the filmstar, but by consulting someone they know, or most of the sales happen only when someone with your own trust gives you Considering this reference system as the basis, a new marketing system “Direct Selling” was started, if you look at this system carefully, then something will happen as follows.

Direct Selling

In this system, any products reach from the company to the customer through Direct Selling and this network is made by people who buy, use and promote the company’s products or refer their friends or relatives. .

This work is nothing new. In fact, we have been doing this less and less unknowingly for many years, as if you must have told your friends about some clothes shop. After eating food in the restaurant, he must have been praised by his friends or in other words he must have referred that he should go there and eat food. Many times for movies, motor cycle or car, they tell friends, which one to buy.

It has been seen that more than 90 percent of the times they follow your advice and buy the products that you refer, but till date the referred company has not got any benefit in return, because if you have a friend on a reference from any company. If one buys a motor cycle, then all his profits are distributed among the dealers and distributors through the old system, but this does not happen in Direct Selling.

In this, you join the company by buying the company’s products and then if you refer the products to anyone, then you also get profit for that.

Direct Selling System Today even the biggest companies of the world are using this modern technology to increase their business at the international level. You too must have received such messages or emails from Make My Trip, Yatra.com, Ola or Uber cabs many times or are paid a very good commission for referring products or services to a new person. Today, even big car selling companies have started giving up to Rs 10000 – 15000.

Recently, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi ji also took the help of Reference Marketing to promote BHIM APP. Every person who will tell others about this app will also earn 20-25 rupees. The most important thing is that in Direct Selling, not only do you get commission on the sales made by you, but the people you have added to the team by giving the product also get commission on the sales made by them.

All the people who buy products from this system are part of this network and all the people work together in a team. People also help each other to do business in this system and the most important thing is that all the people together earn money.

Why Network Marketing / Direct Selling Why do Network Marketing??

  • With this business, you can make permanent and as much money as you want.
  • This business gives you the freedom of both money and time.
  • By working in this business, you can earn money all your life, which is given to your children after you.
  • You do not have to invest any big capital in this business.
  • You can start it with minimum initial cost. For this there would have been a risk of any damage.
  • You can decide for yourself whether you would like to do it as a part time or side business or as a full time business.
  • It can be done from home itself, no need of any shop or office.
  • This is a national and international level business that can be done all over India and from anywhere.
  • This is not a house-to-house business of selling goods like a sales man.
  • This business can be started even without knowing, because the company makes constant efforts to make you and your team leaders proficient in this business with the training program prepared by its educational system.
  • Your personality also develops in Network Marketing / Direct Selling business.
  • Network Marketing / Direct Selling Business gives you recognition and prestige in the society.
  • Apart from any other work, more money can be earned in Network Marketing / Direct Selling.
  • By meeting many people, your social circle also increases.
  • Intellectual development also takes place and self-confidence also increases.
  • There are many other benefits of Network Marketing / Direct Selling, if you learn it well and do it for 3, 4 years, then I claim that a lot of money in your life, a lot of time to live and a secure future, all three things. Will pass


  1. Extra income
  2. Part time job
  3. Future security
  4. Fulfilling the goal of making dreams come true.
  5. Big house, big car, trips to the country and abroad.
  6. Passive income
  7. large bank balance
  8. Charity
  9. make property
  10. prestige, reputation
  11. Money freedom + Time freedom + security =Financial freedom
  12. Live life on your own terms.
  13. own boss
  14. Personality Development (Developing the skill of learning, teaching).
  15. Create your own identity.


What is system?

  1. Use the Products
  2. Share /promote the products
  3. Make a list (Make a list of your closest friends, knowing, relatives @ who will agree to do business with you.


  1. Invite / Visit.
  2. Show the plan (STP) Show the plan
  3. Build teams and work in teams.
  4. Follow up.

What, (What to do)

  1. Buy 100% 125 PPV every month @ around 3000 to 4000 and teach the same thing in your group.
  2. Duplicate. Learn and teach.
  3. Work with 6 people @ 6 working legs.

7 days 1-2 hour program

  • (Monday) = Mr. Mukesh
  • (Tuesday)= Tiwari ji
  • (Wednesday) = Wellness Program
  • (Thursday) = Thakur / Contractor
Friday =
Suter day
  • (Saturday) = Discovery of a new person.
Sunday = Attend the meeting with the whole team.
  • Plan 2 DAILY (Daily) Show. Learn about business for 1-2 hours daily @ Stay Updates.
  • Read positive thinking books for at least half an hour everyday.
  • Listen to a video/audio everyday.
  • Attend meetings, seminars. The more events you go to, the more you will learn, and keep transferring this process to the team.
  • Follow the system daily, and learn to plan, take meetings, motivate, give health plans, duplicate business as soon as possible.
  • Learn, teach and teach.
  • Duplication, Duplication + multiplication = Success 100%