What is a computer virus, its types and how to find it

What is a computer virus: to whomever computer There will be little information about it, he must have heard about computer virus at some point or the other. Viruses are harmful to any computer. The introduction of a virus in the computer affects both the working speed and functionality of the computer.

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What is a computer virus, its types and how to find the virus - Computer Virus In Hindi

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What is Computer Virus (What is Computer Virus in Hindi)

a special type of computer virus Software There are programs that are designed to harm the computer. This virus can infect the computer without the permission of the user. data Deletes and causes damage. It is also called malware and adware.

computer virus Network With the help of it spreads from one computer to another. Due to the introduction of virus in the computer, the user has to face many problems. Computer viruses come under computer software. Virus is also a programmer coding Creates by.

History of Computer Virus

The first computer virus was discovered in the 1970s in ARPANET, named Creeper and was created by Bob Thomas. Bob Thomas was an engineer and at that time he was working in BBN Technologies.

Creeper was an experimental program that Bob Thomas did to infect mainframes of ARPANET. This virus used to infect the computer and show a message on the screen – “I’m the creeper: Catch me if you can.”

Elk cloner was the first wild computer virus that was developed in 1982 by Richard Skrenta. Richard Skrenta was a 10th grade student at that time. Elk cloner first Apple II Operating System had infected. to this virus floppy disk was stored in.

After Elk Cloner infected the computer, a message appeared on the screen – “Elk Cloner: The program with a personality”. However, this virus was created by Richard Skrenta as a joke.

This type of harmful program was named computer virus in 1983 by a person named Fred Cohen. In his academic paper, he named these harmful programs “Computer Viruses – Theory and Experiments”, in which he wrote complete information about this virus.

Types of Computer Virus

Computer viruses can be of many types, out of which we have told you about some of the major types of viruses further in this article –

#1 – Network Virus

network virus Internet And LAN spread by. The purpose and function of creating these viruses is to slow down the network. These types of viruses spoil the performance of a network. Once these viruses spread in the network, it is very difficult to establish a network connection.

#2 – Web Scripting Virus

Web Scripting Virus is the most common computer virus. They attach with advertisements, links, images, audios, videos etc. When the user clicks on these, they start downloading and reach the user’s computer. When these viruses reach the computer, the performance of the computer starts deteriorating.

#3 – Boot Sector Virus

This virus floppy disk or hard disk are present in the boot sector. These viruses reach the computer when the computer is booted from the infected disc. If these viruses enter the computer, then the computer takes a long time to start. Because these viruses attack the operating system, due to which the operating system takes more time to load.

#4 – Overwrite Virus

This type of virus overwrites the save file in the computer, meaning that the save file in the computer erases the data and inserts its code so that it is difficult to identify the file and the file is of no use. When these viruses enter the computer, the infected file has to be deleted.

#5 – Browser Hijacker

this type of virus Web browser Let’s hijack it. They manipulate the settings of the browser without the permission of the user, so that the user reaches an infected website. When these viruses enter the computer, then a separate message is displayed in the user address bar. URL Types it and it reaches another website. You see more ads when the Browser Hijacker virus enters the computer.

how virus gets in computer

By now you must have understood that what is a computer, now this question must be coming in your mind that how does a virus come in a computer. Let’s know this too.

Some of the main reasons for getting a virus in the computer can be –

  • The Internet is a huge network to which almost all the computers in the world are connected. In such a situation, the virus is most likely to come from the Internet. Whenever you work on the Internet, you download some such file which is harmful to the computer. The programmers who make the virus get people to download the virus by showing some tempting advertisements. Like by clicking here you can win mobile or win money.
  • Even if you download a file from an infected website, there is a risk of getting a computer virus.
  • some programmers E-mail I send the virus by attaching which when opened, the virus comes in the user’s computer.
  • when you use someone else’s computer or pan drive If you transfer data by connecting it to your computer, then even in this situation the risk of getting a virus increases very much.

Effects or symptoms of computer virus

If a virus comes in your computer, then many types of problems come in the computer due to its effect, with the help of these symptoms you can find out whether your computer has virus or not.

  • The performance of the computer becomes very slow. Any program takes more time to open.
  • Some files are automatically deleted from your computer.
  • There may be a problem starting the computer.
  • Sometimes error messages can be seen.
  • Emails are sent automatically from your account.
  • Such applications come in your computer which you have not downloaded.
  • Pop-up coming on the screen again and again.
  • The computer system suddenly crashes.

List of world’s most dangerous computer viruses

Here is a list of the best and most dangerous computer viruses in the world.

  • Ransomware Virus
  • Conficker Virus
  • Mebroot Virus
  • Leap Virus
  • Storm Worm Virus
  • My Doom Virus
  • Beast Trojan Horse Virus
  • Anna Kournikova virus
  • I love you Virus

How to prevent computer virus – Ways to avoid computer virus

You can take measures to prevent and prevent computer virus by adopting some of the following methods –

  • a premium Antivirus use.
  • Download third party application from internet only from any trusted website.
  • Keep updating the operating system.
  • Avoid clicking on tempting ads.
  • Avoid opening files or links in unnecessary emails
  • Before connecting the External Storage Device to the computer, keep in mind that you have a good antivirus.
  • Be careful while sharing the file.

how to remove virus from computer

If a virus has come to your computer, first of all isolate that computer from the network. If your computer has antivirus installed, then update the antivirus and put the computer on full scan. If you do not have a licensed antivirus, install a premium antivirus.

Always use a good antivirus because free antivirus can also harm your computer.

Following are some antiviruses that you can use –

  • Quick Heal Total Security
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Norton Security Standard
  • Guardian Total Security
  • K7 Total Security

Common questions related to computer viruses

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a special type of software program designed to cause harm to a computer.

Which was the first computer virus?

The first computer virus was the creeper which was developed by Bob Thomas in 1970.

How to find virus in computer?

You can find out whether your computer has a virus or not by the irregular activities happening in your computer. Due to virus, the performance of the computer slows down and files are deleted without the permission of the user and new applications are downloaded.

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Computer viruses are very harmful to a computer, it is a good computer system software turn into junk. But you can protect your computer from virus by following some things. Hope you have understood after reading this article that What is Computer Virus And what are the types of it? If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends on social media too.