Topper Kaise Bane? 2022 exam

2022 Me Topper Kaise Bane? Friends, today is the time of competition, regardless of the field, there is huge competition in every field, even if it is studies. In today’s time, there is an entrance exam to get admitted into every major and famous university and only the one who surpasses it knows how to get admitted into his/her favorite university be it admission into a technical university or in a good university. Exam has become a trend everywhere, that is, if you are top, then you can get admission to desired college, university and subject.

So friends today, in this post (2022 Me Topper Kaise Bane in Hindi) we will talk about what needs to be done to outdo every student? So if you also want to become the next winner, be sure to read this article carefully and until the end!

2022 Me Topper Kaise Bane in Hindi

Major universities or technical colleges around the world conduct entrance exams for admission, in which thousands of students appear every year, but of those lakhs, only one student is the best.

Have you ever wondered what that top student did that made him top?

When everyone studies in the same way, but then someone gets top and admission in his favorite college or university, then even after he graduates, he is forced to go to such a college where he doesn’t want to study. So friends, today we will tell that if a student wants to surpass, how can he do it. How do you prepare for it! So let’s get started.

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Study at fixed fixed hours!

In the age of competition, nowadays everyone wants to get ahead of each other, there is such a competition to get ahead that because of this, the youth get a lot of marks, because of this he often gets injured. But friends, if you want to pass an exam, that is, if you want to leave those lakhs students behind, then you must first determine the time of your study.

If you are studying there should be no disturbance at all at that point, your entire focus should be on studying alone.

Learning and understanding new!

Often students feel that book knowledge is enough, reading the book means that everything is ready. While some students don’t want to ask anything from others, they feel that if they ask anything from others, they will become smaller than them or else the person in front of them will make fun of them.

But friends, if you want to outdo, then you must always have a passion to learn and understand something new. If you get stuck with a question, feel free to talk to your senior or your teacher about it.

Study smart!

Many students go through the whole book or syllabus to pass the exam, but this is not the right way at all because studying can never be done by heart, but it is very important to understand it.

Because if you understand a subject well, you don’t have to memorize it, because if you memorize it, the same year you studied will remain in your head.

In such a situation, if the question is asked upside down in the exam then you are stuck, but if you understand that topic well, you will have no problem answering the question whether it comes straight or vice versa.

Take notes!

The most important thing for a student is to take notes! Because no one can deny that whatever we read, we later remember everything, the concept is clear to the mind.

But there are many points that we forget, this is not bad, but it is a normal thing for everyone. Therefore, when we study, whatever we find difficult at the time, we should immediately write it down in a separate notebook so that we can immediately remember it if we see it somewhere in the future.

Understand any topic concept wise

Studying or completing the course is not just studying, many students make the same mistake. After finishing the study of a subject they don’t look back at it anymore but it’s not right at all to do this but you don’t just need to finish the studies or you don’t just need to memorize Ansar but which studies So you have to be completely clear about the concept. Because unless your concept isn’t clear, you won’t be able to properly solve the questions of that topic.


Education is such a thing that if it is left for a long time, a person starts to forget, many students also make the same mistake. After completing a syllabus, he doesn’t even open the book to see it, but this method is absolutely wrong. For a student who dreams of becoming a top player, this is not the right path at all.

So if you make this mistake too, don’t do it at all, you should revise your topic, if you have time, you should keep revising as often as possible.

Never hesitate to ask questions

Friends, asking questions is a sign of a good and fast learner, so wherever you run into a problem, keep it in mind and ask your teacher or your senior student the answer to that question.

For friends, if you do not hesitate and ask the question and your concept is not clear, think that if the same question comes on the exam, you have no choice but to repent. Therefore, whenever you are stuck with a question, ask for the answer immediately!

Solve fake tests / model papers,

Group study is always a better option because if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can ask your friends. When you have completed your studies, you can alternate between taking test tests with your friends. This also completes your preparation and also does your revision.

The second is to dissolve the model paper! If you are also going to take an entrance exam, you have to solve the entrance exam paper first. There are many kinds of model paper on the market today or you can visit our website. but even last year questions paper can read. This will also give you an idea of ​​the questions that will be asked in the exam and also get your preparation started.

So friends follow the tips given by us in (2022 Me Topper Kaise Bane in Hindi) and prepare for the exam, then believe that no one can stop you from passing the exam. And if you liked the information we provided, don’t forget to share it with your friends and needy people! And if you have any query or query related to studies in the exam, you can ask us in the comment box below, thanks.

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