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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India A new frontier has emerged in the investment world: cryptocurrency. Today, whether investors are new or experienced, everyone wants to invest in cryptocurrencies. Are you one of them? If so, now the question is, which cryptocurrency exchange is the “best”? Which is perfect for cryptocurrency investment in India or anywhere in the world. 

In order to invest or buy/sell in any cryptocurrency, you will have to resort to one or the other cryptocurrency exchange. Let us first try to understand what is a cryptocurrency exchange and why is it needed? 

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India? , What are cryptocurrency exchanges?

A crypto exchange is a secure digital trading platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can also convert one crypto to another – like converting bitcoin to litecoin. 

A large number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms have emerged in the recent years. 

But there is hardly a single crypto exchange that works best for each user as they may not be able to help you by evaluating your interests. For example, you are looking for a specific coin or you want to get into crypto investing and you want to know more. 

What to Look for in an Exchange | What should we look for in the exchange 

Accessibility | accessibility

Your location may prevent you from buying and selling crypto on certain exchanges due to state or national regulations. Some countries have banned citizens from accessing crypto exchanges at all.
In India, there is a lot of regulatory uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrency, with no firm legislation in place yet. 
As such, you can find information about an exchange’s geographic boundaries – as well as related accessibility factors, such as national currencies accepted – on its website or within its Terms of Service.

Security | Security

Cryptocurrency is not backed by any central institution, and your cryptocurrency holdings are not as secure as money in a bank or traditional investments. To protect your crypto, some exchanges have insurance policies to protect the digital currencies contained within the exchange from hacking or fraud. 
Whether you plan to keep your crypto holdings within an exchange or only keep it for a short period of time before moving it to your wallet, the security of the exchange should be a top priority. 

Fees | fees

Fees are another thing to consider, but that doesn’t necessarily turn you off to an exchange with high fees. Maybe because, “They make it easier for you to buy a coin. For larger and more popular exchanges that offer additional protection and insurance, the higher fees can also be a worthwhile trade.

Liquidity | liquidity 

If you plan to buy, sell or trade your crypto, the exchange you choose should have sufficient trading volume to ensure that your holdings are relatively liquid, meaning you can sell them whenever you want. can. Again, this could be an example where size matters. Often, the more popular exchanges are also the ones with the largest trading volumes.

Coins offered | offer coins 

Not every exchange offers each of the thousands of cryptocurrencies that exist.
If you are interested in a popular coin like bitcoin or ethereum, you will probably find it on any given exchange you are considering. But new altcoins, coins with very small market caps, or meme coins may require a bit more buying.

Educational tools | educational equipment

A big priority for crypto beginners when it comes to choosing an exchange is the opportunity to learn more about different coins, digital assets and blockchain technology.

For example, it offers rewards for learning about new coins through its Coinbase Earn program. In exchange for watching videos and completing quizzes related to various coins, Coinbase will reward you with a small portion of crypto, which you can then hold or convert to something else. 

Storage | storage 

Storage can be a divisive topic among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Many people believe in the adage “not your keys, not your coins,” or the belief that you should keep the public and private keys associated with your crypto holdings yourself, rather than holding them in your account for exchange. .
However, an exchange that allows you to hold your crypto in your online account can be a good option, especially as a beginner. 
Later, once you have learned more about the storage options or increased your holdings, you can choose to keep your crypto in your wallet. 

12 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India in Hindi | Top Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

1. WazirX

Acquired by one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world- Binance, WazirX interestingly has its own cryptocurrency called WRX. This crypto exchange app allows investment using INR, US Dollar, BTC and even P2P. It also provides users the facility to secure their account using 2FA or in app passcode which can be enabled from the phone’s settings.

. CoinDCX

It was launched on April 7, 2018 with the goal of providing a user-friendly experience where users can access a wide variety of financial products and services enabled by industry-leading security and insurance protection processes. There are 200+ altcoins to buy and sell on this cryptocurrency exchange. Apart from bank transfer, various payment strategies like UPI and IMPS are also approved.

3. CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitchKuber, a Bengaluru-based platform, has received funding from popular investors and VC firms such as Sequoia. The app claims to allow users to trade in 100+ cryptos and promises the best trading rates in the market. This can be used to create an account for trading on the app through mobile number sign up. Interestingly, one can start trading before completing the KYC process.

4. UnoCoin

Unocoin, an application as of 2013, has around 1.5 million registered investors and is one of the oldest crypto exchange apps in India. Unocoin users are charged a fee of 0.7 percent for buying and selling their assets, which is higher than WazirX’s limit. It also offers a Gold membership that charges users a 0.5 percent fee.

5. ZebPay

Established in 2014, ZebPay offers the highest referral commission. It has been marked as a safe, secure and one of the oldest platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges. The application is founded by Sandeep Goenka, Mahin Gupta, Saurabh Agarwal and also provides many features including Refer and Earn feature.

6. Binance India

Binance is the world’s largest exchange by trading volume and has a mobile app with an improved user interface. The Binance India app comes with a slew of features that make it easy for Indian users to buy digital currency with Rupee or other payment methods such as UPI or Paytm.

7. BuyUCoin

BuyUcoin is another pioneer in the crypto-currency market in India. It provides a convenient and reliable platform for many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, List, NEM, Civic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

8. Kraken India

Kraken US is another international crypto trading platform established in the U.S. that has an excellent mobile app. Kraken decided to re-establish itself in the Indian market after 2018, when the banking ban for crypto firms was lifted. The app is intuitively designed and has handy tools for trading, monitoring and sending your crypto assets. They have a Kraken Pro app for users who require more advanced features like trading crypto options.

9. Trust Bitcoin Wallet

Trust Wallet is used to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Trust Bitcoin Wallet is convenient and provides security features such as PIN, biometrics and QR codes to protect users’ keys and crypto assets.

10. Coinbase India

Coinbase is one of the top global exchanges and Coinbase bitcoin wallet with secure enclave, biometric authentication and optional cloud backup has advanced security features. Coinbase Wallet supports over 500 tokens, including all top assets like bitcoin. Users can connect wallets and trade on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Users can also store their digital storage in the wallet.

11. CoinSpot India

CoinSpot is an Australian crypto exchange that offers users a simple and elegant mobile solution. The app allows users to access all account features, trade seamlessly from their large coin selection, and view all pricing charts and data. CoinSpot is a great international app for crypto trading, with some of the best security features and oversight from Blockchain Australia, the country’s blockchain industry body.

12. Bitbns 

Bitbns is a peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing site for offering and taking bitcoins. The P2P model allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the intervention of any third parties. Bitbns lets you automate your orders with advanced tools and features. With 98+ cryptocurrencies currently listed, Bitbns allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best available rates and offers ease of trading like no other cryptocurrency exchange.

F&Q | Cryptocurrency exchange questions and answers 

Q: Which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges?

Ans: Which is the best crypto exchange, only the user can decide on the basis of their experience, security, reliability and fast transactions. Q: Which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges?

Q: Which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges?

Ans : WazirX According to the appropriate answer, WazirX CoinDCX, Unocoin, CoinSwitch Kuber and Zebpay are also the best platforms in India to trade cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion | conclusion

You can consider additional factors depending on your preference, such as customer support, how well you like the platform’s mobile app, and how easy it is to use the exchange overall. 

But as we hear time and again from experts about crypto, taking the time to learn as much as you can before investing money in crypto is one of the most useful things you can do. That is, more time should be devoted to learning. 

It is one thing to best invest money in more stable markets, it is altogether riskier to invest in volatile markets. That’s why it’s important to be educated, especially when you’re going to be dealing with something that is probably more volatile than other riskier assets.