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what is seo  Do you want to know more about it? SEO Blog or website is the best way to attract visitors. This means that you can also say in simple language that the easiest way to make a blog successful is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Because if your blog post is at the top of the Google search engine, you get more traffic on it. This will also increase your online income along with your website traffic, ranking. And that is only possible if you know what SEO is called. And apply it to your blog.
so you me What is SEO I will tell you extensively about this. With which you can learn search engine optimization better. For example, you must have seen that when we search on Google for keywords, many results with keywords are shown. But visitors will click more on the same result at the top. And at the top of the search results page is the same post, in the best way SEO have done

What is SEO?

SEO full form of Searchmachine optimalisation That is, your site and the content of the site should be optimized for the search engine. This will put your blog post at the top of the search results page. Suppose you wrote a post by doing keyword research, SEO in Hindi

So now you would definitely want these keywords in all popular search engines like YahooBing Or google Must come to the number 1 position of etc. And that is only possible if you follow the process of SEO on your blog. When I say in simple language

SEO Means all the activities we do to show your online content at the top of the search results page through a particular keyword called search engine optimization.

Benefits of SEO

for blog SEO You must have understood why it is necessary. Now let us know about the benefits of SEO.

1) SEO This makes your blog highly visible on Google and other Hunt machines.

2) Right SEO Kia post easily gets a high position in SERPs. And it is the ranking, domain authority and income of the blog.
3) Your blog will get high quality dofollow backlinks.

4) Organic callers are starting to increase on the blog.

5) Those people who come from search engines will definitely share your post on social media as well. This will get you traffic from social media to your blog.

6) Earning from your blog will also be good.

Types of SEO

There are many types of SEO, such as

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO

But the most important of these At pageTtechnical SEO And Off page SEO it happens. And each type of SEO can be done in different ways at different times.

On page SEO

You optimize everything in your message. on page SEO factors come in if, site mapKeywordsWebsite speedtitle tagMeta descriptionImage Alt tagInternal linksFat importantpost headMessage LengthSite designpermanent link etc.How do you do On Page SEO?

Every blogger should know this better. Because on page SEO from your blog search engine You can also increase unpaid traffic with it. Moreover, with On-Page Optimization you can make your blog popular in a very short time. Below I will tell you about some of the best Best On Page SEO tips.
And it has become very important for every blogger to follow them closely.

blog loading speed

The loading speed of the website is very important. Your blog should be open in 2 or 3 seconds.

Otherwise, your visitors will also go to other sites. To make the blog load fast, you just need to use a simple and fast loading theme on your website. AdswidgetPopups At least use, which will also speed up your blog loading speed. And to check your blog loading speed, you can use Gtmetrix, Pingdom free tools or other tools.

Blog navigation

blog Use the navigation bar on your website to view or move from one page to another. whose google And visitors Both can see your site well.

title tag

The title tag of blogs or websites is always appealing must make. excellent title tag This will also increase your blog’s CTR (Click Through Rate) and add no more than 60-65 words to the title.

permanent link

The URL of the post is a permalink, and that of the post permanent link Must always be clean. Causing search engine bots What’s on your article? It helps to understand this.

As you must have seen, the URL of some posts is domain name /p = 32583. And such URLs are not SEO friendly.

So you always short and clear permalink add To do. Like it, https://www.technicalhindi.info/seo-kya-hai-new-trick-2022 And be sure to add a keyword to the permalink.

Meta description

Meta description But the short description of the post should also be written. So that it is easier for the search engine to understand your message. And you get a better position in the search engine.

alt tag

You have to know very well what the value of the image on the post is.

But is your? Images SEOfriendly is what? to photos seo friendly To compress, rename and put on images Use alt tag Must do it too. This will also allow you to get some traffic from your blog’s images.


interconnect This improves the ranking of your post. from blog bounce rate It also helps to reduce. But interconnect me always related keywords Just need to add.

And never add unrelated links or your post will rank worse instead of better.

High quality content

This content is king. just as much as you of high quality The more visitors like your blog, the more you write the post. So always share the message with full information.

And never copy from a blogger’s blog. And just follow the search engine guidelines properly. And to write high quality content, add the keyword correctly to the post.

And use the Long Tail Keyword on the post. Then make Headings also Attractive, and better with LSI keyword. Because when the search bots crawl your blog, they also see the headlines.

So the post title is H1, in other places you need to add H2, H3, H4 headings as well. so these were SEO Tips On Page In Hindiso let’s know now Off page SEO about too.

Off page SEO

This is the opposite of on page. This means that what we optimize within the site, on the page or promotion outside the site, we call it off-page SEO. Below I’ll tell you about some of the best off-page seo techniques. Which is very important for you to follow.

Search Engine Submission

Blogs like all popular search engines, googleBing or YahooBaidu etc. But give up.

Blog Directory Submission Sites

internet But you can see many such high PR blog submission sites.

Where you can create the best high quality backlinks for your blog by submitting your blog. I have told step by step about many Hindi blog directory submission sites on this site. Where you can easily submit your blog.

Bookmark sites

many such social sites There is also a place where you can share your blog post. And Bookmarking Sites is very beneficial for SEO. Like it, indibloggertrip overDiggWonderful places But you have to share your blog post. And brought visitors to your blog from the bookmarking site.

social network site

Social sites are a very good place to promote free blogs. To increase the social traffic on the blog, you need all social sites But be sure to create accounts, pages and groups. And also share all your posts.

Forum Post

Why don’t you start blogging about any topic? You will find forums for every topic, be sure to join them and answer the questions of the visitors. And include your blog link too.

Classified Entry

internet But there are many such free classified sites where you can also advertise your websites. Some popular classified sites like, olxQuikrClick You can also promote your websites in some way in etc.

Question and Answer Sites

Popular questions and answers Sites like Quora, Yahoo questions are more of these types of sites, join them and ask questions only about your niche related topic. Also be sure to answer the questions of others and you should promote the link of your blog.

blog comment

You must comment on your blog’s related blog and you can also add a link to your website in the comment box. this for your blog High quality backlinks And regularly there will also be some new visitors.

guest post

You can also increase your blog’s organic traffic in a way by writing guest posts on your blog’s related blogs.

and on the blog dofollow backlink Guest post is also the best way to create. only for you Of high qualitySEO friendly message Be sure to write and guest post on your niche’s related blog. that’s how it was Off page SEO way to do it.

Apart from this you too photo sharing sites But also by sharing the images of your blog post or Pinterest Resilience Pin even on your blog visitors number can be increased.

What did you think of this article, you should definitely talk and share by commenting, if you think something is missing, please comment.