Network Marketing 5 Tips to Succeed in Network Marketing (MLM)

Tips to Succeed in Network Marketing

Definition of Network Marketing: A business model that requires a distributor network to build a business. Typically such businesses are also multi-level marketing in nature, with payouts occurring at more than one level.

Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of America’s best-known companies, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

Network marketing programs feature a low upfront investment – ​​usually only a few hundred dollars for the purchase of a product sample kit – and the opportunity to sell the product line directly to friends, family, and other personal contacts. Most network marketing programs also ask participants to recruit other sales representatives. Color Routes constitute a representative’s “downline” and their sales generate income for those in the program.

Things can get sticky when network marketing primarily compensates participants for recruiting others rather than selling the company’s products or services. A network marketing system in which most of the revenue comes from recruitment can be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

Since network marketing programs are generally exempt from business opportunity regulation and are not defined as franchisees under state and federal franchise statutes, you will need to do your own research before investing any money.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, or multi-level marketing (MLM), as it is also called, is a direct selling business model where independent-agents act as distributors of a company’s products and services for a commission, and they Are encouraged to develop and manage their own sales force. By hiring other agents as well. Network marketing appeals to a lot of people because of the freedom of time, the possibility of having a profitable business and a chance to complete their own success course. Anyone who can make a commitment to multi-level marketing has a chance to build a lucrative career.

If you intend to succeed in network marketing, here are 5 tips I learned from a friend who spent years in the industry:

1. Join the right company.

Your first step in becoming a successful network marketer is choosing the right company. Many companies that grow every day make choosing a problem, but if you can consider the below points when choosing, you will be less likely to make a mistake:


The mentorship factor goes a long way in building a successful network marketer. This topic will be discussed in detail in later paragraphs of this article.

how do you get paid

A very important factor to consider is the compensation plan of the company. What is their salary structure? What is their payment policy?


The key to determining the timing factor is to try to avoid companies that are either too young or too old. Start MLM under 5 years old and usually very risky. On the other hand, fully established companies by the age of 50 are probably saturated. not a good idea!

Product / Service

What are the company’s products or services? Remember this is basically how they make their money. Their products have to be of very high quality and be beneficial to the people who buy them.

2. Get trained by the right business mentor.

Since network marketing is all about replication, you need to find the right person to replicate, so you can also pass on the same values ​​to your downliners/mantises. Your team needs to reflect enthusiasm, constant self-improvement and a potential spirit.

The first year can be quite challenging, as this is the period where you get to learn new skills, products and marketing strategies for the brand you are selling. You need a mentor at this point, who will guide you and help you overcome all possible obstacles and ensure you succeed.

3. Have the right expectations.

A lot of people make the costly mistake of thinking that they will make a lot of money in a few days or a few weeks of joining network marketing. While it is a possibility, network marketing is not a fixed job where you know what to do every week or month. It’s a business like any other business, requiring work…and time, and a lot of it to break even or make a profit. Having the right expectations requires purpose and being willing to pay the price in effort, time and resources.

4. Attitude is everything.

Network marketing is a business and not a hobby. Thrive on business attitude. Don’t fall for the claims that you will get rich in network marketing in part time efforts. It takes hard work to reach the level of your desire.

Momentum builds up over time, so keep the right attitude as the days, weeks, or months go by. Be consistent and never give up whatever pressure you encounter. There is one secret to success: Be better every day!

It is also very important that you invest in yourself. Don’t be part of those who are afraid to invest money in their businesses because they think it is risky. Like most successful network marketers, invest heavily in the coaching, courses, mentoring, industry tools and resources that will help you run your business.

You do not need to make huge investments all at once. The best way to go is to watch other successful network marketers, see what they are doing that makes them great and follow their footsteps. Put your money where they put their money and you will get the same result.

5. Build the right team.

Well, now you belong to the right network marketing company and are now being tutored by very good business mentors. You are probably on your way to success, seeing that you have the right expectations and attitude. The next step is to build the right team.

What makes a difference to a person struggling to make a sale all month from making 5-figure income a month is the kind of people on their team. This business is focused on marketing. Keep in mind that people differ in performance and ability. Go for the set of people who have the ability to drive your vision: a team with the right attitude, expectation and motivation to succeed with you. When you finally find your dream team, you will be almost 100% sure that your business will grow rapidly and that you will have achieved your goal to join the network business.

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