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[HOW TO USE SEO] What is search engine marketing and how does it work And (SEO) how to do (SEO) why is important, what are the types of SEO and what are SEM, how to do complete information in Hindi

SEO what is [what is SEO]



If you are new to the world of blogging and if you have started blogging recently then you should know what is SEO and how to use SEO so that we can easily rank our website or content in Google and Google to take first place

(SEO) It is a search engine optimization that helps any website or post to rank high in the Google search engine. (SEO) this to our website or post Google It works to get high and organic rank and it is free and best method (SEO) it is of two types On
SEO And Off
page SEO

On page SEO [what is on-page SEO]

On page SEO There is a trick with the help of which we are able to easily bring the user to our content website like (SEO How to do 2022 in Hindi) So I have a content by the name of this keyword which I have published on Google

Now whenever a person searches this keyword in Google, that person will reach my website with the help of this keyword and now that person will get the information that he wants from here and how it all happens.

So we will study about it, when we are writing any website or article and we are designing, then we should keep these things in mind whether what we are writing is related to people’s search or not.

That is, when we are writing any website or article, then we should keep in mind that the heading, meta tag, permalink, and search description of this article should be related to each other, so that when any person related to your post. also search word

So he will reach your page, this increases the chances of your page’s growth to a great extent and to do this you need a keyword research tool which you get both free and pad in the market.

With the help of which we can easily target any keyword and find out how much competition and people’s destination is on the keyword we are targeting, that is, how many posts are available on Google related to that keyword. And after knowing how many people are searching that keyword, it becomes very easy for us to target that keyword.

Off page SEO [what is off page SEO]

Off page SEO This is such a trick in which we share our website article content on social media and when someone else shares it, in this way our content is shared by other people on social media.

So because of this a lot of visitors keep visiting our content, so in this way a traffic is generated on our website, this tells Google that this content is good to a great extent and people like it very much, Google would be happy. Huh

And Google brings our content to the top to give our content a high position in Google search, it is very easy to do this process, in which you will publish a unique content on your site and share it on social media.

SEO why do [why do SEO]

SEO Why do it for any content or website SEO
why is it necessary
SEO necessary because SEO
Only with the help of this our website gets an organic traffic.
SEO With the help of this, our content ranks on the first page in the Google search result, due to which an organic traffic is generated on our website, due to which there is a lot of growth in our business, so that’s why
SEO Very important for our website or any content

SEO how to [how
to do

any of website or content SEO To do this, we need a tool that is very easily available to you in the market both online, free and pad, with the help of which you can very easily search for any keyword.
SEO can do
And by looking at the competitors and search volume of that keyword, you can target that particular keyword and get your article ranked on the first page in Google search on that particular keyword.
There are some free tools with the help of which we target a particular keyword, which we will discuss later.
google ads, Wordstream, sobovleetc. with the help of which we
Can target keywords very easily

SEM what are
[what is

(SEM) That is, search engine marketing, this is a pay plan, in this, people can advertise their website or post, that is, any product that we want to rank first in the Google search engine, we advertise our products in the Google search engine with the help of advertising. show on top that (SEM) search engine marketing is called
of course when we Story Book Advertisement a default keyword (world best story book 2022) With the help of this, whenever a person uses this Particular Keyword (world best story book 2022)
If we search, then our products appear on the top in Google search engine, now that person has 90%+ chances.
That he will click on the site that appears on the top in the Google search engine, this will sell your products and generate traffic on your site, due to which there is a lot of boom in your business. google ads are with the help of

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