History of World Snake Day and facts related to snakes

World Snake Day 2022: Every year with the aim of making people aware of various misconceptions about snakes and their species. 16 July world snake day (World Snake Day) is celebrated.

People have different concepts about snakes in India, where on one side nag panchami But snakes or serpents are worshiped, on the other hand, when people see them around them, considering them as a danger, people gather to kill them with sticks and sticks.

World Snake Day
World Snake Day

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When and why is Snake Day celebrated?

Every year with the aim of spreading awareness about the misconceptions about snakes and their different species. 16 July World Snake Day is celebrated on every year.

Snakes have an important role in the ecosystem that maintains life on earth, so this day is a day to ask people about their protection also requests.

Not all species of snakes are venomous, it is one of the creatures on earth that is most talked about. misunderstandings is spread. We do not need to kill snakes, but we need to be careful with them.

History of World Snake Day?

people say that Texas In the year 1967, a snake related firm started spreading awareness among the people to clear the misconceptions related to snakes.

By 1970 the firm became quite famous and by this a special on the subject was organized on 16 July. planning After this it spread to many other institutions and gradually became popular among the common people as well. Today it is celebrated internationally by many countries.

Why is it important to protect snakes?

There are more than 3000 species of snakes found in the world, of which only about 600 are poisonous.

There are about 300 species of them in India, out of which only 50 species are poisonous and only 15 species are such that they bite. human death Might be possible.

But people often kill snakes after seeing them as poisonous, so their different species We can protect snakes by telling people about it.

They play an important role in the ecosystem and life on earth contribute to maintaining

This farmers Can be called good companions of crops because it eats insects and rats that damage crops.

Interesting Facts About Snakes

  • King Cobra The longest snake is the venomous snake.
  • snakes found on earth oldest They are one of the creatures and they are mentioned in almost all civilizations and cultures.
  • They are found in almost every corner of the world, whether it is snowy mountains, dense forests, oceans or hot deserts.
  • They mostly prey on animals like insects, rodents, rats and frogs etc. Large snakes also swallow animals like deer, monkeys and pigs.
  • Some people all over the world also raise them, there are tribes who rear them in India. However, now catching and rearing them is both a legal offense.
  • The king cobra is the only species that builds a nest to lay eggs. Russell Wiper For example, some snakes give birth directly to sapoles instead of eggs.
  • their ability to smell is very sharp, they smell with their tongue, so often tongue out remove.
  • of their no ears But the protruding bone of their jaw has the ability to detect sound waves close to the surface of the water or the earth.

How is World Snake Day celebrated?

On the occasion of Snake Day, people go to the people (especially in the areas where most snakes are found) and ask people to avoid them. be alert are made aware about and urged for their protection.

On the day of World Snake Day, wildlife lovers all over the world organize various programs to increase awareness and love for snakes.

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Some myths spread among people related to snakes

There are many movies and stories about snakes in India. blind faith In these, they often take revenge, swing to the tune of a bean, drink milk, turn a wishing snake into a human or naagmani It is shown taking out, which till now is nothing more than just a fantasy.

humans think that snakes Enemy and will bite them on sight, but the truth is that they are afraid of us as much as we are afraid of them, and when they feel threatened, they attack or bite someone only to defend themselves.