Hindi Story 2022

Hindi Story 2022

One Boy and the story of a wolf


Lies break trust – even if you’re telling the truth, Nobody believes in lies.

Once, There was a boy who was tired of seeing the sheep of the village grazing on the hill. to entertain yourself, she shouted ,wolf! wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”


when village people has This heard the scream, so they running They came running to the hill to drive away the wolf. But, when the villagers there arrived, So they didn’t see any wolf. And the villagers expressed their anger on the boy but boy looking at angry faces very Got happy


The villagers scolded the boy and said that ,when there’s no wolf Then ,wolf in the name of don’t shout and warned the boy and all the villagers Angrily, he went back to the hill.


Later, the shepherd boy shouted once again,wolf! wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” for your entertainment, He saw that the villagers had come running up the hill to scare the wolf.


And when he saw that there no wolf, so he said sternly,
Of ,yell out when really a wolf be in front of you, And when there is no wolf , don’t cry yell out, But the boy smiled at their words as they murmured once again down the hill. Go Were were


Later, The boy saw a real wolf sneaking around his flock. bewildered, he jumped to his feet and screamed as loud as he could, Screamed,wolf! Wolf!” ! but the villagers thought he was fooling them again, And so they did not come for help.


at sunset, The villagers went in search of the boy who had not returned with his sheep. when they went up the hill, So they found her crying.


And on being asked by the villagers, he told that ,here Feather really a wolf of There was a bunch! who now went away! I screamed,wolf!, But you People didn’t come, He the boy was crying saying so

An old man went to console the boy. as he put his hand around it, He said,no one believes in liars, Even if he’s telling the truth!”

Note: So you saw friends never trust the liar does

story of a greedy king ,

One in the state a king relief who was good for a satirist One has worked. and then that In this happiness to the king of a baba
one by Blessings given

And in this blessing, Baba told the king that, O king, now whatever you touch will be of gold, the king was very happy to hear this. And started asking Baba what we Anything will touch It will turn into gold. Baba replied that yes and Baba warned the king that he should be careful but the king did not pay attention to these things and in greed he started touching everything. Of and everything turned to gold

but soon, King Earthgot up and As soon as the king picked up a piece of food, He saw that it turned into gold that he can’t eat it was He had gold in his hand.


now hungry, king hungry groaned, and said that now ,I’ll be hungry! Maybe it wasn’t such a great wish!,


and the king seeing despair, a beautiful of the king lovely daughter to your father to console her comes near and as Rajan Holding your daughter and crying She also turned to gold. Now it “Golden Opportunity was drowned in a river of sorrows and the king shouted and said, O God, this any blessing it’s a blessing not a curse Is, A voice came from above that, O king, this is the result of your actions.

And the king kept on weeping

Note; So friends, we should not be greedy in life because the result of greed is very fatal.

the story of a proud rose

Once upon a time, far in a desert, There was a rose which was very proud of its beautiful appearance. her only complaint is the ugly cactus thatGrowing up next to


Everyday, The beautiful rose used to insult the cactus and make fun of it for its looks, While the cactus remained silent. All the other plants around tried to understand the rose, But she was also impressed by her own appearance.


a scorching heat, the desert dried up, And there was no water left for the plants. The rose quickly began to wither. her beautiful petals withered, lost its lush color.


looking at the cactus, He saw a sparrow dipping its beak into the cactus to drink some water. Although to rose was ashamed,Even then Rose asked the cactus if he could get some water. kind cactus readily agreed, them both through the hard heat, To help as friends.

Note: So friends, saw how your pride gets crushed, that’s why you should not be proud of yourself because we do not know when we need it.

The Golden Egg and the Tale of One

Once upon a time, a swan beside a farmer was She lays a golden egg every day. The egg provided the farmer and his wife with enough money to meet their daily needs. The farmer and his wife were happy for a long time.


But, One day the farmer thought to himself,Why should we have only one egg a day?, Why can’t we take them all together and make a lot of money, Farmer told his idea to his wife, And she foolishly agreed.


Then, next day, As the goose lays its golden egg, The farmer sharpened with a sharp knife. He killed the goose and cut its stomach open in the hope of getting all its golden eggs. But, as soon as she opened her belly, All he got was guts and blood.


The farmer soon realized his foolish mistake and started crying over the resource he had lost. as the days went by,
The farmer and his wife became poorer and poorer. How cunning and how stupid were they?

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