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Best Cryptocurrency App – Cryptocurrency Has Become A Hot Topic In Today’s Time , Because Many People Are Earning Millions Of Rupees By Trading In Cryptocurrencies And In Most Countries Of The World Cryptocurrencies Have Been Recognized By The Government. To Make Trading In Cryptocurrencies Easy, The Most Important Are Crypto Trading Applications. With The Help Of These Applications, You Can Easily Buy And Sell Any Crypto Currency.

Cryptocurrency Is Legal In India Too, People Of India Can Also Earn By Trading In Cryptocurrencies. If You Are Also Thinking About Trading In Crypto Currency, Then Today In This Article We Are Going To Tell You About 5 Such Crypto Trading Platforms, With The Help Of Which You Can Easily Trade In Cryptocurrency. All The Applications Mentioned In This Article Are Indian.

So Let’s Start This Article Without Taking Much Of Your Time And Know Which Is The Best App For Crypto Trading In India .

Best Crypto Trading App in India

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There Are More Than 10 Crypto Exchange Platforms In India Through Which You Can Trade In Cryptocurrencies . In This Article, We Have Told You About The 5 Best Crypto Trading Platforms In India.

Best Crypto Trading Apps in India Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App In India

You Can Download The Mobile Application Of All These Five Platforms From Google Play Store And Create Your Account. Easy KYC After That Process, You Can Trade In Crypto And Earn Money.

The 5 Best Crypto Currency Exchange Apps For Doing Crypto Trading In India Are As Follows –

Serial Number Crypto Trading App Name Download Link
1 CoinSwitch Kuber Download CoinSwitch Kuber
2 WazirX Download WazirX
3 CoinDCX Download CoinDCX
4 ZebPay Download ZebPay
5 Unocoin Download Unocoin
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App In India Hindi

Let Us Now Know In Detail About All These Applications And Their Features.

#1 – CoinSwitch Kuber

Application Name CoinSwitch: Bitcoin &Crypto
Total Number Of Downloads More Than 10 Million
Google Play Store Operating 3.1 / 5 Star
Who Is Operated By CoinSwitch
Minimum Amount For Trading 100 Rupees
CoinSwitch Kuber – Best Crypto Buying App In Hindi

CoinSwitch Kuber Is One Of The Trusted Crypto Trading Platform In India. CoinSwitch Kuber Crypto Exchange Platform Was Created In The Year 2017 By Three Partners Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni And Vimal Sagar Tiwari.

Since 2017 The Platform Has Helped Millions Of Crypto Traders Make Trading Easier. CoinSwitch Kuber Is Designed In Such A Way That Even A Non-Technical Person Can Trade In It.

CoinSwitch Kuber Is India’s Most Secure Crypto Trading Platform, It Allows You To Sell And Buy Over 100 Cryptocurrencies In INR Market At Best Rate With Highest Liquidity. In This App Also You Can Start Trading With Just Rs.100.

Features Of CoinSwitch Kuber

  • You Can Buy More Than 100 Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin , Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple.
  • With CoinSwitch Kuber You Can Do Instant Fund Deposit And Withdrawal.
  • You Can Do Crypto Trading By Completing The Easy KYC Process.
  • CoinSwitch Kuber Helps You Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies At The Best Rates In The Market.
  • You Can Deposit Money Through Payment Networks Like IMPS , UPI And NEFT .
  • CoinSwitch Kuber’s Support Is Also Very Good, Any Query Is Answered Immediately.
  • There Is A Good Refer And Earn Program. If A New User Creates His Account In CoinSwitch Kuber With Your Referral Link, Then You Get 50 Rupees Of Bitcoin.

#2 – CoinDCX

Application Name CoinDCX: Bitcoin Invest App
Total Number Of Downloads More Than 10 Million
Rating On Google Play Store 3.9 / 5 Star
Who Is Operated By CoinDCX Official
Minimum Amount For Trading 100 Rupees
CoinDCX- Best Bitcon Investing App

CoinDCX Crypto Trading Application Was Launched In The Year 2018 And In A Very Short Span Of Time It Became One Of The Most Popular Crypto Trading App In India. CoinDCX Is One Of The Best Crypto Trading Platforms In India With Over 10 Million Users.

CoinDCX Provides A User Friendly Interface For Crypto Trading, With More Than 4 Million Indian Users Relying On The Application. CoinDCX Has Over 200 Different Types Of Cryptocurrencies That The User Can Trade. You Can Do Crypto Trading On CoinDCX With Just Rs.100.

The Process Of Signing Up On The CoinDCX App Is Also Very Easy, You Need A Mobile Number, Email ID And OTP To Sign Up. After Creating An Account On CoinDCX, You Can Complete KYC And Trade.

Features Of CoinDCX App

  • CoinDCX Provides A User Friendly Interface For The User To Trade.
  • With Watchlist You Can See The Prices Of All Cryptocurrencies.
  • You Can Do Crypto Trading With Just Rs.100.
  • This Is A Great Crypto Exchange Application For New Investors.
  • After Completing The Simple KYC Process, You Can Start Trading In Crypto.
  • CoinDCX Places A Special Emphasis On Security, So It Has A Very High Level Of Security. All Passwords And Personal Data Are Encrypted In This

#3 – WazirX

Application Name WazirX: Buy Bitcoin &Crypto
Total Number Of Downloads More Than 10 Million
Rating On Google Play Store  4.2 / 5 Star
Who Is Operated By Zanmai Labs Private Limited
Minimum Amount For Trading 100 Rupees
WazirX : Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

Anyone Who Trades In Cryptocurrencies In India Must Have Heard The Name Of WazirX . WazirX Is A Very Popular Crypto Exchange Platform In India. WazirX Works On Peer To Peer (P2P) Transaction System. On WazirX Users Can Trade In Popular Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

WazirX Provides A Simple Interface, Knowledge And Guidance To Make You A Better Trader. Even A New Trader Can Easily Trade In WazirX And Become A Better Trader. WazirX Charges 0.20% On The Trade Value Of Each Trade And Also Offers Discounts Based On WazirX Holdings.

WazirX Was Started In 2017 By 3 Friends Nischal Shetty (CEO), Sameer Mahatre And Siddharth Menon. WazirX Is Now Operated By Binance Company. Binance Is A Popular Cryptoexchange Platform From China, Which Also Provides The User With The Facility Of Crypto Stacking. You Can Easily Transfer Your Assets From WazirX To Binance.

Features Of WazirX

  • You Can Buy Bitcoin Or Other Cryptocurrencies By Depositing Money Instantly Through UPI Or IMPS Payment Method.
  • You Can Deposit And Withdraw Funds 24*7.
  • There Are Over 250 Cryptocurrencies On WazirX That You Can Trade.
  • WazirX Has The Highest Liquidity In The INR Market In India.
  • WazirX Has Many Advanced Crypto Trading Features Like Trading View, Advanced Chart Trading And Stop Limit Orders Etc.
  • You Can Transfer Your Assets Between WazirX And Binance.
  • WazirX Is The World’s First Auto Matching P2P Crypto Engine With High Liquidity.
  • You Can Also Login To WazirX Through Binance.

#4 – ZebPay

Application Name ZebPay: Crypto Exchange
Total Number Of Downloads Over 5 Million
Rating On Google Play Store 3.3 / 5 Star
Minimum Amount For Trading 100 Rupees
ZebPay: Crypto Exchange In Hindi

ZebPay Is A Popular Crypto Exchange And App In India That Provides A Clean Interface For Crypto Exchange. ZebPay Was Launched In 2014 By Sandeep Goneka, Mahin Gupta And Saurabh Agarwal. ZebPay Is An Indian Crypto Exchange Platform That Is Used By More Than 163 Countries Worldwide To Buy And Sell Crypto.

You Can Download ZebPay App From Google Play Store Or App Store And After Signing Up With Mobile Number, Complete The KYC Process And Trade In Crypto. Like Other Crypto Exchange Platforms, ZebPay Pays A Lot Of Attention To Security.

You Can Also Earn Good Money From ZebPay’s Referral Program. If You Refer ZebPay App To Your Friends, Family Or Relatives And They Trade With Your Referral Link By Creating An Account On ZebPay, Then You Get 50 Percent Commission For Every Trade Done By Them, So You Can Earn More.

If You Deposit Funds Through UPI In ZebPay, Then You Have To Deposit A Minimum Of Rs 100 But For Depositing Funds Through IMPS, NEFT, You Can Deposit A Minimum Of Rs 1000.

Features Of ZebPay App

  • ZebPay Provides User Friendly Interface For Crypto Trading.
  • You Can Create A Watchlist Of Your Favorite Crypto.
  • ZebPay Allows Instant Deposit And Withdrawal Of Money.
  • With ZebPay, You Can Trade On The Web As Well As On The Mobile Application.
  • ZebPay’s Referral Program Is Also Good. In This, You Get 50 Percent Commission For Each Referral.

#5 – Unocoin

Application Name Unocoin Indian Crypto Exchange
Total Number Of Downloads Over 1 Million
Rating On Google Play Store 4.9/ 5 Star
Who Is Operated By Unocoin Technologies
Minimum Amount For Trading 1000 Rupees
Unocoin – Indian Crypto Exchange In Hindi

Unocoin Is India’s Oldest And First Crypto Exchange Platform And Blockchain Company, Which Was Formed In The Year 2013 By Shatvik Vishwanath, Abhinandan Kaseti, Harish BV And Sunny Roy. Unocoin Has Played A Very Important Role In Facilitating Cryptocurrency Trading In India.

After Downloading Unocoin, You Can Create An Account And Start Trading After Completing KYC Within Just 10 Minutes. To Trade On The Unocoin Platform, You Need A Minimum Of Rs.1,000.

You Also Have To Pay Fees For Buying And Selling Any Cryptocurrency In Unocoin As Well As For Exchanging One Crypto Currency To Another Cryptocurrency. You Can Buy, Swap And Sell Over 50 Cryptos Like Bitcoin, Doge, Shiba Inu, Ethereum On The Unocoin App.

Unocoin Also Offers A Wide Range Of Features Compared To Other Crypto Platforms.

Features Of Unocoin App

  • There Are Over 50 Popular Cryptocurrencies You Can Trade On Unocoin.
  • On Unocoin You Can Check The Price, Quantity, Chart And Other Details Of Crypto In The Market.
  • You Can Easily Buy And Sell Crypto.
  • Unocoin Provides 24/7 Customer Support To Its Users, You Can Open A New Support Ticket With A Single Tap.
  • There Are Many Payment Methods Available To Buy Crypto.
  • Unocoin Is India’s Oldest And Trusted Crypto Exchange Platform.

Best Cryptocurrency App

Which Are The Best Apps For Trading In Cryptocurrencies In India?

The Best Apps For Trading In Cryptocurrencies In India Are WazirX, CoinDCX, CoinSwitch Kuber, Unocoin And ZebPay.

How Many Crypto Exchange Platforms Are There In India?

There Are Around 15 Crypto Exchange Platforms In India.

Can I Buy Cryptocurrency From Mobile?

Yes, You Can Buy Cryptocurrency From Mobile By Downloading Crypto Trading Application.

Which Is The Most Expensive Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Is The Most Expensive Cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: Best Cryptocurrency App

In This Article, We Have Told You About The Five Best Crypto Trading Applications In India. All Of These Are The Best Applications For Crypto Trading In India And All Have Unique Features. If You Also Want To Earn Money By Trading In Crypto Currency, Then You Can Use Any One Of These Five Apps.

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