7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

7 Diamond Quality in Hindi 7 qualities of a successful diamond. To do any work in life, some special knowledge is needed, like – if you want to become an engineer, you should have that type of knowledge, or if you have become a CA, then you should have that type of knowledge, do you mean? To make anything in life, you should have the knowledge of that field or rather, the qualities.

Similarly, if you want to make a successful diamond, you must have some special qualities. Today I am going to share with you all 7 such qualities that can make any person a successful diamond in his company.

7 Diamond Quality 7 Characteristics of a Successful Diamond

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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

1. Burning Desire

If you really want to be successful in any field of life then you must have a strong desire. Whether you want to fix your finances or be successful in your business, you must have a strong desire.

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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

I’ll tell you a story

Once a person asked Socrates a mantra for success in life, Socrates said, “Okay, meet me next morning on the bank of the pond.” The person reached near the pond the next morning at the exact same time, then Socrates told him that it is okay, first let us take a bath and meditate, after that I will tell what is the secret of success in life.

As the man went into the water, Socrates signaled to his disciples to suppress him. All of them together immersed his head in water, when it seemed that he would die and when his body started turning blue, Socrates told his disciples to take it out now.

So when he was taken out, that person first breathed for 10-15 minutes, then went to Socrates full of anger and said, I had asked you the secret of success in life, you would have killed me. So Socrates said that it is okay to be angry with me as much as you want, but before that I have a question which you should answer.

First of all, tell me who was in the pond, then what did you need the most, what were the thoughts coming in your mind, then that person said, sir, leave the thoughts thoughts, there was only one thing going on inside me, that was that How do I breathe? So Socrates said that just as you have a yearning to breathe, if you start having the same yearning for your goal, then you can become successful in life. No power in the world will stop you from making you successful.



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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

2. Always Ready To Learn And Change. Always be ready to learn / be ready to change.

If you are ready to teach then no power in the world can defeat you and if you are not ready to learn then no power in the world can make you win. If you can learn, you can.

Let me tell a story to all of you-

Tenzing Norgay was a Serpa, who used to take all the men who came to climb Mount Everest, take their belongings and take them to Mount Everest. One day Tenzing Norgay decided why not to climb Mount Everest.

For the first time in 1935, he tried to climb Mount Everest with a team, but could not climb and from 1935 to 1952, that is, he tried continuously for 18 years, but he could not climb Mount Everest. But there was one thing, whenever he used to come down, seeing Everest, he used to say one thing, Everest, you are a mountain, you cannot grow, cannot change yourself. I am human, can grow on my own, I can change.

One day I will definitely make you Fateh and you all know friends, on 29th May 1953, history was written in the name of Tenzing Norgay. It took this man 18 years but never stopped trying. If you have the desire to learn then you too can do everything in life. So friends, no matter what the circumstances, always keep learning.

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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

3. Punctual and Prepared Wherever you have given the time to reach, definitely reach on that time.

Where you have given the time to reach, always try that you reach before time. There is a very good saying that if you can’t reach before time, at least get there on time. Whenever you are invited to a meeting, seminar, or a big event, always try to reach at the same time.

Always be ready-

I have divided it into three parts – Smile, Dress up, Carry tool with you.

Smile and talk to people. smile

This direct selling business is people’s business and it is absolutely right, we have to meet a lot of new people every day, so always be happy whoever you meet, meet with smile. Always have a smile on your face. And if you do that then you become a good person in the eyes of the other person. That is why it is very important that whenever we meet we meet with a smile. Wherever you go, start the conversation with a smile.

Wear nice, clean clothes. Dress up

There is a very good saying that what a man eats what he drinks, no one sees but the whole world sees what he wears. Therefore, you should always dress well, wherever you go, go to the market or go anywhere at any time, then always be well dressed. This will give a different confidence in you, you will also feel very confident in yourself.

Carry your supplies, letter-pads, books, brochures and bags. Carry tools with you

Always keep your tools with you. Whatever tools you have got, always keep all those tools with you from the company. Who knows, when, where, someone may be needed. So always keep whatever browser you have with you or whatever business tool you have got from the company.

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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

4. Discipline and Consistency

Whatever work you do, do it with discipline. Whatever things are told by your senior, always do any work keeping that in mind. When you are in discipline, your team is also in discipline with you. When you obey your senior, follow the path shown by your senior, then I claim that your team will also follow the path shown by you.

Consistency means constant. Many times it happens that we tell the plan to someone and later when it comes to closing, that person starts explaining to us. We constantly explain to him why that person should join this business. He also starts telling us why you should leave this business. So never worry about such things. If you do your work consistently with complete honesty and right way, then it is guaranteed that you will get good results also.


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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

5. Emotional Mastery Control Yourself,

For any person to be successful in life, he needs to have a lot of control over himself. Because when we go to the field, we face many challenges. Like any person says anything, even we have seen, sometimes people also abuse. So it does not mean that you should also answer them in the same way. Don’t make such a mistake at all.

Whenever someone abuses you or misbehaves with you, then you treat him well. When your behavior is good, then maybe that person will want to be associated with you again in future if not now. Many times it also happens that people look at a girl in their own team or company in a wrong way. Whenever you feel like this, then at that time control your emotions. Only then can you become successful in life.

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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

6. Financial Discipline Correct Accounting

Financial discipline is very important to be successful in any area of ​​life, because without it no person, no matter how rich or how poor, can not be successful in his life without financial discipline. If you are a network marketing business then you need financial discipline the most.

Because we get a lot of money from the field, it should come to us to properly account for that money, manage it properly. Never do any outstanding work on credit with your team leader. Whatever your transaction with your team should be cash. If you will do the rest of the transactions with credit, then you may have to face a lot of problems going forward. So always keep your account clean with your seniors and your juniors.

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7 Diamond Quality 7 Qualities of a Successful Diamond

7. Perseverance will continue till you succeed,

Winners never give up and those who give up can never win.

This is applicable in every field, no matter why you are in any field of life, because no success comes overnight. Behind every success lies a person’s years of hard work. And if you are into network marketing then you need patience the most. You will put one thing in your heart and mind, until you are successful, you will not leave this field.

Until you succeed, you will not back down.

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