6 Basic Mantras of Success in Network Marketing / Direct Selling

Basic Mantras of Success in Network Marketing

NETWORK MARKETING 6 Basic Mantras of Success in the Business of Network Marketing / Direct Selling (Mystery of Success in Network Marketing in Hindi) I will tell, which will help you to get success in network marketing business. I will tell some such basic mantras that you can use in your life, and can be successful in network marketing business.

1. Follow the system. (follow the system)

Friends, I want to tell, after all, why many people fail in a direct selling company. The biggest reason for failing in a direct selling company is the lack of complete information about the company. Friends, I would like to tell if you want to achieve great success in Direct Selling Company, then you have to do one thing, that is Follow the system.

If I talk about the success formula in a single line, it is Follow the system. There is a system to work in any company, if you work in a direct selling company, then there is a system to work here as well. There is a system to work in whatever field you are in. in common with direct selling company There is also a system to achieve success or work.

If you want to get success in network marketing business, and want to get huge success, then the first thing you have to do is that you have to make your thinking positive, that is, you have to make your thinking positive, because a negative Great work cannot be done with thinking.

2. Positive Thinking, Thoughts

That’s why you have to make your thinking positive. Have to think in a positive way. You have to believe in yourself. Have faith in your company. Why do not you work in any company, you have to believe in that company. With a positive mind set / thinking, you have to work with your company’s system.

If you want to do the biggest work in any company, then the first thing to do is to bring positive thinking inside you, because as long as you have positive thinking inside you, then you will be able to do any work with positive thinking and Similarly, you will be able to do great work in your company and you will become a successful person very soon.

3. Make a List

Network marketing business is a people’s business. This is not a one-man business, you can be successful in this only if you make a team of many people. You have to build a very strong team. Only then can you become successful in network marketing business, for this you will have to prepare a list of people whom you know. Such as your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., whom you know.

You have to prepare a list of these people, with contact numbers. While preparing the list, do not think that who will understand your plan or who will come when called. You have to write everyone’s number and name honestly and prepare a good list.

The biggest reason for failure in network marketing business is that people do not prepare the list, forget to do this small task. That’s why most people fail. Unless you have a list, you cannot do anything big in this network marketing business. So the first thing you have to do today and now is to make a list of people you know.

You can use the FRIENDS formula to generate the list:

  • F = Friends and Family
  • R = relative, all distant relatives.
  • I = all the fellows of the institute and the college
  • E = Employee, Employee
  • N = Neighbor, Neighbor, Near and Dear
  • D = DOCTORS, NURSES, and all kinds of people, from whom you take or provide certain services from time to time.
  • S = Strangers, strangers, strangers, roaming, jogging, suddenly met in the market, rickshaw wala, auto, taxi driver, washerman, vegetable, milkman, shopkeeper etc.

4. Show the Plan Show The Plan/ STP

After preparing the list, you have to invite these people, this is the most important task, then you will have to do STP i.e. tell about the plan. You should have complete knowledge about the plan of the company in whichever company you work, only then you can explain to another person, or give complete information.

If you can’t explain then you can take help of your upline. You can take the help of your senior, and he can explain the plan of the company well. What mistake many people make is that they do not know how to show the plan themselves, they start showing the plan themselves, they do not have complete information. They start telling incomplete information. By doing this, when you will not get a positive result, then you will get frustrated, never make such a mistake.

There are three ways to show a plan

(I) One to One Plan

That is, you go to their house with your upline, and meet them and tell the company’s plan or you can call your home and explain about the company’s plan. With your upline, explain the company’s plan in detail. Your upline i.e. seniors will tell and together you will also carefully understand about that plan so that you can explain yourself to others in future.

(II) Group Meeting

In a group meeting, you can explain the plan to your guest. There will be group meetings around you, you can join and show the plan, or you can hold weekly group meetings yourself. You can explain it well in that also. You can have 8 to 10 people in your group meeting, you can explain well with your upline. By doing this your confidence will increase further.

(III) Big Event or Seminar

You take your guest to the company’s seminar or big event, because there will be a chance to see and understand a lot and after seeing and understanding a lot there, joining will happen very soon. The biggest results are seen in seminars or events. Here people tell about their experience, tell about the company and also tell about how you can be successful. There are many successful people out there, how they got success, they tell about their success.

5.Follow Up

Follow-up is the most important function because in network marketing business it is said that 10% of the people are understood by seeing the plan, but ninety percent of the joining comes through follow-up. People who go after seeing your plan have many questions in their mind, they have doubts, many questions keep running in their mind, we have to follow up to solve their questions.

Follow up should be done within 24 hours to 48 hours.

I would like to tell friends the follow up should be done within 24 hours to 48 hours. You should go to the guest’s house with your upline and you have to ask them how did you like the plan you saw yesterday, they will also have a lot of questions, you have to explain that question well with your upline. Your uplines will explain that question and answer and joining will happen very quickly.

When the person is joining, you will have to start the startup, that is, the person will have to tell about the plan once again, what many people do, they join and send them to work in the field. You should never make such a mistake, you tell him what you can get from here in your life, get started only after giving complete information.

Friends, I want to tell that if you are in any network marketing company, then the most important thing is that you become a hundred percent product user. Unless you believe in the company’s product, you will not use that product, then why will another person use that product, that’s why you have to use 100% of the product, only then you will be able to tell and explain to others, its About benefits.

Let me tell you one thing, until you do not use that product, you will not be able to tell about that product. You will have to use hundred percent of all the products of the company, only then you will be able to explain it to others. Regarding this product, every person of the company will also have to use Hundred Percent Product, only then you will get a good incentive.

6. Attend All Meeting and Seminar

You have to attend every training and seminar of the company because network marketing business is a learning business. Unless you are ready to learn, you cannot do anything big in network marketing business.

That’s why you have to learn first. You have to attend every meeting, training, every seminar. You always have to be ready to learn. Only then will you be able to become a successful person in network marketing business.

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