(11.75 Lakh Salary) Agneepath Recruitment 2022

What is Agneepath Scheme (Agneepath Recruitment 2022 in Hindi)? Know full information about details, eligibility, age limit, how to apply, registration, scope of work, benefits, conditions, regularization, Svanidhi package and salary!

Getting a job in the Indian Army is the dream of many young people, the Indian Army is not only a medium of employment but it is a matter of pride in itself to do work there. For those who wish to join the Indian Army i.e. those who wish to serve the country by joining the Indian Army, the Indian Army has issued a notice and the recruitment process will begin soon.

So friends, if you also want to join the Indian Army then you have misunderstood the notice issued under the Agneepath scheme (Agneepath Recruitment 2022 in Hindi), be sure to read this post till the end! All your questions will be answered.

Actually, under the new rule in the Indian Army, all recruitment will now be done under the Agneepath scheme. It was clear, but there are still many questions in the minds of the youngsters regarding the recruitment to be done under the Agneepath plan. Such as when will the recruitment start, what will be the preparations for the recruitment, similar questions are playing in the mind of the youth. So friends today by this message all your confusion will be cleared.

When does the Agniveer recruitment start? (Agneepath Recruitment 2022 in Hindi)

The recruitment of Agniveer under Agneepath Yojana will start next month i.e. July, although the date has not yet been announced. But it has been said so clearly that the Agniveer recruitment process will start from next month, so if you also want to serve the country by becoming Agniveer, keep checking the Indian Army website.

Age Limit What’s? (Agneepath age limit in Hindi)

Under the Agneepath plan in the Indian Army, a total of six divisions will be recruited, friends, as you know, first in the Indian Army. age 17.6 years from 21 years However, due to opposition from the Kshatras, the army extended it for another two years. That is, now your age to become Agnivate 17.5 – 23 years Only then can you join the Indian Army under this scheme.

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What is the required qualification? (Agneepath Schedule Qualification)

Thousands of Agniveer are recruited in 6 different positions, so the qualification is also kept separate according to different positions. Although there is not much difference here, it is very important that you understand.

As you know, in total 6 posts are recruited in this:

1. Agnite (General Service) (All Weapons)

2. Agnite (technical) (all arms)

3. Agnite (Technical) (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner)

4. Agnite Clerk/Storekeeper (Technical) (all poor)

5. Agnite Traders (all weapons)

6. Agnite Stepsmen (All arms)

Now let’s understand which qualification is required in which position: 1. For Agniveer (general duty) (all weapons) of any board. 10th pass should at least be with you 45% points Should be. Must have a minimum of 33% marks in any subject.

2. Yours for Agniveer (Technical) (All Arms) 12th pass It is important to have that too as it is necessary to have your English subject along with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. your at least 50% points and must have at least 40% marks for each subject.

3. Yours too for Agniveer (Technical) (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner) 12th pass It is important to have that too because of the site in which it is necessary to have your English subject along with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. your at least 50% points and must have at least 40% marks for each subject.

4. Agnite Clerk/Store Keeper (Technical) (All Arms) Your job for this position 12th pass It’s important to be there, but to be admitted into this, you’ve done 12th in each subject, it doesn’t matter, but for this, you’re 12th 60% points And it is necessary to have at least 50% marks for each subject.

5. Agnite Tradesmen (All Arms) All you need for this 10th pass It’s important to be that it doesn’t matter how much percent you have. It is certain that in every profession at least 33% points It is necessary to be

6. Agnite Tredesmen (All Arms) Friends, there are two types of merchants, so here too the qualification is different in both. in this you 8th pass It is necessary that if you are 8th pass you can apply for it.

What are the conditions to be admitted for this? (conditions Agneepath scheme)

As you know the Agneepath scheme is new, under this recruitment is being done for the first time so new terms and conditions have also been applied for it which you can see below.

1. The candidates are recruited under the Army Act 1950.

2. The candidates are recruited for a total of four years.

3. After the candidates are selected, they can be merged in any part of the water, on land and in the air.

4. Agniveers do not receive a tip and receive a pension after retirement.

5. After four years, Agniveer can apply for Regular.

6. Only 25% percent Agnite is allowed.

What is the benefit if you retire after four years?(Agneepath Scheme Retirement Benefits)

Under this scheme you may for some reason not be able to become regular and retire after four years, after that each month will be deducted from your salary. 30% bites That and that money will be received from the government. If you add this up, the total amount is 10.04 lakhs, if you see the interest separately, the total amount is 11.75 lakh Which is tax free.

This does not require you to pay any tax so that you get a skills certificate from the Indian Army so that if you apply for jobs in Assam Rifles and CAPS after your retirement from the army you will be given priority in the selection. In addition, many state governments have assured recruitment to the police.

How can I become a regular after four years?(Regularization of the Agneepath scheme)

Agniveer can apply to become a regular after four years, during which you will be tested again medically and fit, that is, whatever conditions there are for regularization by the military, only then you will be regular after five years.

How much leave do you get on admission?(Agneepath Holidays Scheme)

Agniveers gets vacation in two ways, namely that not only do you get 30 vacation days per year, but if you are sick, you also get vacation for that, except that there are no other vacation days.

What is a service fund package?(Agneepath Scheme Svanidhi Package)

If we’re talking about the service fund package, if you retire after four years, you get the amount withheld from your salary and the same amount of interest from the government. That is, you will get a total of Rs 11.75 lakh which is tax free i.e. you will not have to pay any tax for this. With this package you can do business for your future life.

What is the difference between Agniveer and Regular Armyman?(different between Agniveer and Regular Army Man)

Friends, when we talk about Agniveer and Army Soldiers, there is a lot of difference between the two. From leave to salary and other facilities, there is also a lot of difference, because in the form of salary from Agniveer, different years receive a different salary, which only gets a maximum of 28 thousand in the last, ie fourth year. While regular jawans get 39 thousand from day one along with all surcharges.

Jawans of the army get higher DA twice a year while Agniveers don’t get it, if an army soldier retires after 15 years he gets tip and pension while Agniveers gets no facility in this, only about 11.75 lakh in service There will money, where military soldiers are given 90 days of leave per year, Agniveer only gets 30 days of vacation in a whole year.

What are the benefits of the Agneepath schedule?(Agneepath Scheme Benefits in Hindi)

Talking about the benefits of the Agneepath scheme, there is a lot of controversy about it, on the one hand the military and where many benefits have been counted by the government, then the same Kshatra does not lag behind in counting the shortcomings.

Talking about the benefits then after four years you will get Rs 11.75 lakh in retirement, reservation will be available in Assam Rifles and CPS, many state governments have announced reservation in police recruitment. If you want to do business then it helps to get a loan from the bank.

So friends, all the benefits have been told by the government and military so if you also want to serve the country by becoming Agniveer then you can also apply in it. In this post, I only hope that you guys liked this post, if you liked it, don’t forget to share it with your friends and if you have any doubts or questions, drop them in the comment box. Thank you

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